Temperature chambers, climatic chambers, ovens

Temperature chambers, climatic chambers, thermostatic chambers and ovens

Find here classic drying ovens for heating and drying processes, constant and alternating climate chambers for material testing or environmental simulation, as well as thermal chambers and ovens for applications on fatigue and universal testing machines.

Products BINDER GmbH


Walk-in climate chambers

BINDER’s walk-in climatic chambers offer a wide range of features and benefits to perfectly meet the requirements of stability testing.

Vacuum drying chambers

The vacuum drying chambers from BINDER enable effective and gentle drying without endangering the sensitive materials.

Safety drying chamber

Model FDL 115 is a safety drying chamber from BINDER for limited quantities of solvent

Constant climate chambers

Constant climate chambers from BINDER with extended temperature / humidity range

Environmental simulation chambers

Environmental simulation chambers for rapid temperature changes with humidity control.

Dynamic climate chambers

Dynamic climate chambers for rapid temperature changes without humidity control
Drying / Heating

Drying chambers and heating chambers

Drying and heating chambers with forced convection, up to 300°C for rapid drying and heating tasks. Attractive prices, advice, delivery and aftersale support from TeMeCo Services AG.

Battery test chambers

Battery test chambers with safety devices. Here we present test chambers from BINDER that are ideally suited for climate tests or repetitive charging and discharging of batteries under controlled conditions.

Cooling incubators

Cooling incubators from BINDER are the perfect solution for stable incubation or constant temperature processes.

Products Severn Thermal Solutions


Thermostatic chambers for testing machines

Severn Thermal Solutions provides a comprehensive range of materials testing thermostatic chambers compatible with two and four-column test frames.


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