Sale, Installation, Calibration and Maintenance of Test Equipment

TeMeCo sells high class testing instruments for mechanical, climatic and rheological testing.
Our strength is technical support and after-sales service in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.


Our Product Range includes Machines and Chambers for mechanical, climatic and rheological Testing. Also we provide Sensors and Measuring Amplifiers for Force, Torque, Displacement and Strain Measurement. More Products are provided without beeing listed here.

3 series of electromechanical universal test machines, accessories and after sales services for static material and component testing.

Test machines, accessories and after sales services for dynamic and fatigue material and component testing.

Furnaces, ovens and chambers for alternating or constant climatic testing as well as for classical heating and drying processes.

Capillary rheometers, meltflow testers, viscosimeters, rubber analysers and laboratory extruders for rheological testing of polymers, elastomers or food materials.

Instruments and accessories for micro hardness and -compression testing.

Sensors for force, torque, strain and displacement measurements. This includes load cells, extensometers, displacement encoder probes, etc.

Instruments and consumables for sample preparation. This includes cutting, grinding, polishing and mounting of samples for metallography, petrography and spectroscopy.

Used products from customers or demo products from  suppliers. This includes test machines or components which still work correctly.

Our Products and Services


We are easy to reach, get back to our customers quickly, and make offers promptly. Due to minimal overhead costs, we always look to offer attractive terms.


We support our customers in the development of test methods and search for suitable instrumentation.

Installation, Calibration, Maintenance

Our after-sale service starts with commissioning and continues throughout the entire life cycle.


We provide on-site instructions, software briefings, telephone support and remote maintenance. For specific topics we and our manufacturers offer seminars and customer-specific on-site training courses.


We evaluate and deliver modernisations with new components, controllers and latest generation software.


We demonstrate Instruments either in our own laboratory, at exhibitions, at other customer's labs or at the supplier's lab.

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Treasure trove for second-hand equipment

We offer second-hand equipment, components and testing machines from us, our customers or our suppliers in our treasure trove. By purchasing these items, you and

Modernisierung, Modernisation

Modernisation of testing machines

Our strength: customer service and support on site. After the sale of testing machines, we remain in regular contact with the customer, preferably via a

Who We Are

For more than 25 years TeMeCo, formerly Carl Schenck AG, has been a partner in the field of static and fatigue testing of materials and components. We support our customers with the supply of test and measurement systems as well as with after sales services.


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