Static testing machines

Static testing machines

Static material and component testing, including universal testing machines, accessories and customer service.



Universal testing machines EZ-X

Shimadzu EZ-X are single column universal test machines with 500N or 5kN loading capacity going together with Trapezium-X software and after-sales support from TeMeCo.

Universal Testing Machines AGS-X

AGS-X are two-column universal testing machines from Shimadzu with a focus on the essentials at a moderate cost. Now even more valuable thanks to the new TrapeziumX-V software and TeMeCo’s renowned after-sales support.

Universal testing machines AGX-V

AGX-V are high-end, two-column universal testing machines from Shimadzu with an extremely rigid frame, flexible electronics, intuitive software and TeMeCo’s renowned after-sales support.



Shimadzu – Manual wedge grips

Manual nonshift wedge type grips

MF Mess-& Feinwerktechnik GmbH

High-class fine-mechanical extensometers since more than 30 years

Thermostatic chamber TCE-N300A for universal testing machines

The TCE-N300A thermostatic chamber from Shimadzu offers excellent value for money and is suitable for most applications on universal testing machines.


Xsight ONE optical extensometers feature state-of-the-art digital correlation technology. All ONE measuring systems from X-Sight s.r.o. provide accurate and precise strain readings and can be operated on Shimadzu universal testing machines.

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