Walk-in climate chambers

The walk-in climate chambers offer a wide range of features and benefits to perfectly meet the requirements of stability testing. Perfect test conditions are maintained over a wide temperature range of 10 °C to 50 °C and relative humidity range of 20 % to 93 % RH.

Company: BINDER

Walk-in climate chambers

The walk-in climate chambers with an internal surface area of 6 m2, 9 m2 or 12 m2 and a height of 2.3 m are ideal for stability testing in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries, in the cosmetics industry, in materials testing and in many other areas of application.

Perfect test conditions are maintained in a wide temperature range from 10°C to 50°C and relative humidity from 20% to 90% RH.

In pharmacy, the walk-in climate chambers cover the conditions for long-term and accelerated stability testing as specified in ICHQ1A (R2) for new drug substances and products.


  • Stable and uniform environment
  • Fully compatible with pharmaceutical equipment according to ICH guideline
  • Durability – corrosion resistant
  • Simple operation
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant with GWP value 547
  • Maintenance possible with minimal interruption of air conditioning
  • Perfectly meets the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry
  • 3 years warranty
  • Sizes:
    • WIC1: 2.6m x 2.5m = 6m2,
      Door on short side
    • WIC2: 2.6m x 3.6m = 9m2,
      Door on short or long side
    • WIC3: 2.6m x 4.7m = 12m2,
      Door on short or long side
  • Temperature range: 10 – 50°C
  • Humidity range: 20 – 93% r.H.
  • Relative humidity accuracy of ± 2.5%.
  • Temperature accuracy of ± 1.5°C
  • Duct system for correct air distribution
  • Highly insulated room panels with a U-value of only 0.21 W/m2K
  • LED lighting with motion detector
  • High-quality room elements, made in Germany
  • Interior completely made of stainless steel
  • External service accessibility

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As a family-owned company, BINDER is completely focused on simulation chambers. It is the world’s largest specialist in simulation cabinets for the scientific and industrial laboratory. More than 22,000 units leave the factory in Tuttlingen every year.

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