Inova Products

We offer a wide range of components, testing machines and testing systems, ranging from simple single-axis fatigue test stands to complex multi-axis test set-ups.

Fatigue and static test equipment


Inova – Testing machines and systems

Fatigue testing machines and systems according to demanding customer specifications

Inova – COP 3000

COP 3000 – central power pack control unit
EU3000 RTC

Inova – EU3000 RTC

Digital Real Time Controller EU3000

Inova – Hydraulic Power Supply

Hydraulic Power Supply, Piping and Manifolds

Inova – Hydraulic Actuators

Hydraulic Actuators for static or dynamic Loading

Inova – Test Machine Frames

Two- or four column frames for static or dynamic loading




Climatic cabinets and ovens for alternating or constant climate and temperature tests including ovens for classic heating and drying processes.

BINDER M056 M115 M260 M720

M720 / M260 / M115 / M056 – Drying and heating ovens with circulating air and extensive programme functions. Up to 300°C for rapid drying and heating tasks. To buy at TeMeCo – Attractive prices, advice, delivery and aftersale support.

GÖTTFERT – Elastomer Testing Instruments

High quality elastomer testing instruments from GÖTTFERT including mooney viscosimeters, MDR moving die rheometers, RPA rubber process analysers and RCR rubber capillary rheometers.

Knowledge – Measuring – Force measurement with load cells

Force Measurement

Used MTS controllers and electronic boards

TeMeCo – Used MTS controllers and electronic boards
ISO 6892

Knowledge – Mechanics – Tensile test according to ISO 6892

In 7 steps to the tensile test according to ISO 6892. We give you a short and understandable explanation of the content of this standard.

Advantages at a glance

INOVA focuses on testing systems tailored to your specific need.

Tailored load frames

Load frames are available in many different sizes and special versions.

Actuators can be mounted in the machine table or in the crosshead.

High quality actuators

Frictionless linear and rotary hydraulic actuators with hydrostatic bearing.

Highly dynamic and powerful electrical linear and rotary drives.

Digital control system

The EU3000 real time controller is the newest generation of digital measuring and control systems.

Its modular design allows the most flexible set up for all test applications.

Powerful Software

The software TestControl serves as user interface to the control System EU3000.

It allows to configure the test rig, set up the loading sequence, monitor the test progress and handle the data acquisition.

Supplier for tailored static, dynamic and fatigue testing systems

With more than 50 years of experience, Inova GmbH is one of the world market leaders for servo-hydraulic and mechanical testing systems. Inova components and solutions are used in research & development, as well as quality assurance for operational load simulation, material and component testing.

More than 50 years of experience

Cutting-edge testing solutions

Servohydraulic testing systems

More than 100 employees

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