Rheological testing instruments

Rheological testing instruments

Rheological testing instruments for polymers, elastomers or food materials. Capillary rheometers, melt flow testers, viscometers, rubber analyzers and laboratory extruders.



GÖTTFERT – Extensional rheometer

When characterising polymer materials in blow moulding, thermoforming, calendering, coating and spin processes, an extensional rheometer such as the RHEOTENS or HAUL-OFF from GÖTTFERT provides important information.
Online Rheo

GÖTTFERT – Online rheometers

Online-Rheometers from GÖTTFERT for realtime process information on the rheological and molecular structure of polymers.

GÖTTFERT – Laboratory extruder

Laboratory Extruders from GÖTTFERT- an open Platform for rheological Online Analysis.

GÖTTFERT – Elastomer testing devices

High quality elastomer testing instruments from GÖTTFERT including mooney viscosimeters, MDR moving die rheometers, RPA rubber process analysers and RCR rubber capillary rheometers.

GÖTTFERT – Capillary rheometer

Capillary rheometers from GÖTTFERT meeting the highest customer expectations.

GÖTTFERT – Melt index testers

Melt flow index testers from GÖTTFERT meet the highest customer expectations. Overview of MFI (Melt flow index) devices for research, development and production.


Volume Punch

GÖTTFERT – Volume punches

Volume punches to cut out an unvulcanized batch with different thickness rates and constant volume

GÖTTFERT – Accessories for polymer testing

Accessories and Consumables for Polymer testing

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