BINDER – Ecological constant climate chambers

BINDER’s ECO products epitomize the essence of ecological constant climate chambers.

The KB ECO and KBF-S ECO from BINDER are gentle on samples. With the same powerful performance as other incubators, they offer a genuine environmentally friendly alternative. The electrical temperature control by a novel Peltier module covers a wide temperature range. This is not new, but it is better implemented than in comparable products.

Ecological constant climate chambers from BINDER

Ecological constant climate chambers

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The KB ECO is characterised by the following advantages:

The KB ECO utilizes an advanced Peltier module with efficient heat dissipation to provide precise electric temperature control, spanning from 0 °C to +70 °C (achieving a maximum cooling capacity of 26 °C below the ambient temperature). Enhancing its durability and functionality, the KB ECO boasts an inner chamber crafted entirely from high-quality stainless steel. This design is further complemented by the inclusion of two stainless steel slide-in grilles and a standard Ø 30 mm port with a silicone plug, offering convenience and versatility.

The smart unit incorporates BINDER’s well-established APT.line™ preheating chamber technology, which ensures optimal temperature control. This innovative design employs evenly distributed openings on both sides to supply conditioned air horizontally, guaranteeing consistent temperature distribution. Consequently, even when operating at full capacity, the smart unit maintains excellent temperature homogeneity.

The LCD display offers users a comprehensive overview of the temperature, along with additional information and alarm notifications. Furthermore, the internal data logger enables easy access to measured values in an open format via USB, allowing for convenient data analysis.

  • Safe: Unique desiccation and condensation water protection for all operating conditions
  • Reliable: Fail-safe operation thanks to intelligent thermoelectric temperature control
  • Smart: Programmable temperatures for alternating incubation and cooling
  • Economical: Minimal energy consumption thanks to optimised Peltier technology

The KBF-S ECO is characterised by the following advantages:

Particularly for users who carry out stability tests in this climatic range, the KBF-S ECO represents a significantly more cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to the proven KBF and KBF-S constant climate chambers from BINDER. The ECO does not require any refrigerant at all, which, together with the special energy efficiency, leads to many plus points in the area of environmental protection and sustainability.

The climate in the new BINDER constant climate chamber remains optimal even under full load. The deviations are so minuscule that they are barely measurable. The horizontally distributed air flow from two sides ensures exceptional climate homogeneity. This Peltier technology is employed, guaranteeing a consistently stable climate, even when faced with fluctuating conditions.

  • Safe due to standard-compliant testing according to ICH Q1A guideline, even when fully loaded.
  • Reliable due to uncompromising fail-safe operation.
  • Smart, because a wide range of accessories can be adapted to individual customer requirements.
  • Economical due to lowest energy consumption thanks to optimised Peltier technology.

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