Shimadzu Products

We offer consulting, sale and after sale services for mechanical testing instruments of Shimadzu.

Testing Instruments


Shimadzu – Universal Test Machines AGX-V

Double Column high end universal test machines from Shimadzu and after-sales support from TeMeCo.

Shimadzu – Universal Test Machines AGS-X

Twin Column economic Universal Test Machines from Shimadzu and After-Sales Support from TeMeCo.

Shimadzu – Universal Test Machines EZ-X

Single column universal test machines from Shimadzu and after-sales support from TeMeCo.


Schenck RM100

TeMeCo – Used Schenck RM100

Static test machine Schenck RM100

Step Lab – Fatigue Test Machines

We provide electrically driven, mechanical testing machines from Step Lab for static and dynamic tests.

GÖTTFERT – Melt Flow Indexers

Melt flow indexers mi2, MI-3, mi40 and Mi-Robo from GÖTTFERT are meeting the highest customer expectations.

Melt flow index testing

Melt flow index testing. Measuring the mass of polymer that passes through a specific capillary in ten minutes, under controlled pressure and temperature.

Interfaceforce e.K.

Uniaxial and multiaxial Load Cells, Torque Transducers and Amplifiers.

Inova – TestControl User Interface

Inova TestControl User Interface is a powerful tool to configure a test and to return results from the test.

Advantages at a glance

Precision and after-sales support is making the difference. Shimadzu provides the instruments and TeMeCo the services.

High precision

No compromises when it comes to precision.

Intuitive Handling

Modern instruments and intuitive handling.

Best Efficiency

No waste time with a time-consuming learning phase.

After-sale support

Quick reply in case of questions or problems.

Shimadzu is a manufacturer of highly accurate testing and measuring technologies.

The Shimadzu Corporation has been doing business based on its corporate philosophy, “Contributing to Society through Science and Technology,” since being founded almost 150 years ago.

Highly accurate testing and measuring technologies from Shimadzu is used to support product inspection and quality control processes for manufacturing in industrial fields. It helps to ensure our lives to be worry-free and safe.

Over 150 years of experience

13'300 employees

Static, fatigue and impact testing machines, micro hardness testers

Innovative testing equipment for industrial and scientific applications.

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