Treasure trove

Treasure trove

On this page TeMeCo offers used products and testing machines from us, our customers or our suppliers. By purchasing these items, you and we are contributing to the sustainable use of these testing machines.

Devices / Products

Roell Amsler 1852

High-speed tensile testing machine – used

We offer here a used, dynamic, servo-hydraulic rapid tear testing machine, which is also suitable for puncture tests. Including hydraulic supply, PC and software.

Drop weight impact tester – used

Drop weight impact tester Fractovis 6789/000, used. Test range 20m/s resp. 1000J.

Used drying and climate chambers

In this product category we present some used chambers from BINDER which are in a good condition. We sell them at very attractive price and with a one year guarantee.
Schenck RM10

Used Schenck 10kN universal testing machine

Used Universal testing machine Schenck 10kN
Schenck RM100

TeMeCo – Used Schenck RM100

Static test machine Schenck RM100

TeMeCo – Used electronics

We carry in our stock some electronic boards for various controllers from different manufacturers.
Load cells

TeMeCo – Used load cells

Load cells from different manufacturers are available on short term. We configure them with the required connectors.
Instron 5542

TeMeCo – Used Instron 5542 universal test machine

Universal test machine Instron 5542, single column, loadcell 500N

TeMeCo – Used Vacuum Drying Chamber

Vacuum drying chamber VD53 from BINDER with membrane vacuum pump from Vacuubrand.

TeMeCo – Used Instron Extensometer

Used Instron 2630-106 Extensometer L0=25mm
Instron 8800

TeMeCo – Instron 8800 Digital Controller – used

Digital Controller Instron 8800

Used MTS controllers and electronic boards

TeMeCo – Used MTS controllers and electronic boards

TeMeCo – Used Servohydraulic Cylinder Schenck

Used Servo Hydraulic Cylinder Schenck 10kN

TeMeCo – Used Universal Test Machine

Used Universal Test Machine Z3-X500

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