BINDER Products

BINDER Produces premium simulation chambers and drying ovens for the scientific and industrial laboratory.

Drying and environmental test chambers

Discover the comprehensive product range from Binder, a leading manufacturer providing answers to questions regarding a product’s performance in heat, low temperature, and long-term exposure to humidity. With environmental simulation testing in climate chambers and a selection of drying ovens, Binder offers a precise indication of test specimen behavior under defined climate conditions.


BINDER – Constant Climate Chambers

Constant Climate Chambers with expanded temperature / humidity range

BINDER – Cooling Incubators

An incubator from BINDER is the perfect solution for stable incubation or constant temperature processes.

BINDER – Climatic Test Chambers

Dynamic climate chambers for rapid temperature changes with humidity control

BINDER – Incubators, Drying and Heating Chambers with Natural Convection

Incubators, Drying and heating chambers with natural convection

BINDER – Incubators, Drying and Heating Chambers – Forced Convection

Incubators, Drying and heating chambers with forced convection

BINDER – Dynamic Temperature Chambers

Dynamic climate chambers for rapid temperature changes without humidity control

TeMeCo represents Binder’s industrial products as the official Swiss representative. Binder’s drying chambers, constant climate chambers, and simulation chambers are extensively utilized in research and development, production, and quality assurance. They not only meet the highest technical and aesthetic standards but also offer exceptional precision during processing and daily use. Furthermore, Binder is committed to a premium brand strategy and continuously expands its production capacity while making efforts to boost global sales.

Accessories, options, services


BINDER – Dry Air Purge

Dry air purge for the simulation of dry and cool climate
Pure Aqua


System for preparation or complete desalination of tap water

BINDER's focus is on simulation chambers.

BINDER’s commitment to a premium brand strategy, continuous expansion of production capacity, and global sales efforts is a testament to its unwavering independence as a family-owned company. While maintaining a strong foothold in core European markets, BINDER is proactively pursuing growth opportunities in emerging markets across the globe.

BINDER maintains its independence as a family-owned company by implementing a steadfast premium brand strategy, continually expanding its production capacity, and expanding its sales activities on a global scale. Alongside a strong presence in core European markets, Binder is actively pursuing opportunities for growth in emerging markets worldwide.

Over 39 years of experience


Perfect simulation of environmental conditions

Annually 22'000 manufactured devices

Advantages at a glance

The story of the BINDER family company goes right back to the 19th century and the company has the best prospects for the future.


Within the space of just three decades, BINDER has established itself as an innovative company with above-average growth and outstanding future prospects.

Customer requirements form the foundation

BINDER is a partner and innovator for scientific and industrial laboratories. 

To be are part of the whole

The fundamental goal is to offer a technical contribution to improve the health and safety of mankind! This starts with the support of demanding laboratory and research work with outstanding environmental simulation chambers.

Perfectly matched to testing standards

Environmental simulation chambers perfectly match to the standards or individual requirements of quality assurance and development.

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