Our Services

Our Services

We are dedicated to ensuring the success of your testing endeavors by providing expert guidance and utilizing the equipment from reputable suppliers. We assist you in purchasing test machines and offer unparalleled after-sale support throughout the entire lifespan of the instruments.


As a trusted provider of testing equipment and services, we are committed to offering the most suitable products for laboratory managers, quality assurance officers, and production managers. To do this, we continuously optimize our product range and are happy to offer technical advice and competitive pricing. Additionally, we are renowned for our exceptional aftersale service, which adds value to every purchase.


With decades of experience in materials testing, our team has developed a deep understanding of a wide range of testing instruments. This expertise extends not only to the products we offer, but also to those from other manufacturers. As a result, our customers can rely on our knowledgeable team for expert guidance and support throughout the procurement and maintenance of testing instruments.


To help you determine the suitability of the products we recommend, we invite you to visit our premises in Dübendorf or the premises of our suppliers for hands-on testing. We also offer reference tests with the devices and accessories we propose, in partnership with the manufacturers we represent.

Maintenance and Calibration

In addition to maintenance, we also provide calibration of test machines according to manufacturer procedures and industry standards. Our employees are regularly trained and up-to-date on current regulations and standards. The scope of maintenance and calibration, as well as the frequency at which testing equipment should be checked for proper function, can be tailored to your specific needs and usage of the equipment.

Modernisierung, Modernisation


Through modernizations, we help you extend the lifespan and maintain the functionality of your testing systems. Our team has extensive experience and is constantly trained to modernize and maintain test equipment from various brands. By leveraging our expertise, you can use your testing machines in a sustainable and cost-effective manner.


Training begins with the commissioning of newly purchased equipment, starting with basic operation instructions. We offer a range of more comprehensive trainings at different levels, provided by our team or a representative of the manufacturer. We also offer customized training courses at the customer’s premises or at the manufacturer’s facility.

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