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BINDER - Product overview

Climatic chambers and ovens for alternating or constant climate and temperature tests including ovens for classic heating and drying processes.

Discover the comprehensive range of products from BINDER, a leading manufacturer that provides answers to questions about a product’s performance in heat, low temperatures and long-term exposure to moisture. With environmental simulation tests in climatic chambers and a selection of drying chambers, BINDER offers an exact statement about the behaviour of test specimens under defined climatic conditions.



Interfaceforce – Measuring amplifier

Measuring amplifiers, inline amplifiers, internal amplifiers, multi-channel amplifiers, USB-strain gauge measuring amplifiers, built-in devices, handheld device with TEDS, wireless telemetry systems

Interfaceforce – Special load cells

Customised special load cells, force transducers or torque transducers for a wide range of applications.

Interfaceforce – Dynamic torque sensors

Dynamic torque sensors for rotational torque measurements

Knowledge – Measuring – Force measurement with load cells

Force Measurement

Knowledge – Mechanics – Young’s Modulus measurements

What is young’s modulus?

Knowledge – Metallography – How to prepare a sample

Sample preparation

Knowledge – Rheology – Large amplitude oscillatory shear

Large Amplitude Oscillatory Shear. Expanded ability to characterize polymers and polymer mixtures with FFT delivers high selectivity.

Knowledge – Rheology – Corrections with the rheometer

Corrections to get true Shear Rate and Shear Stress.

Knowledge – Rheology – MFI – Moisture

Influence of Moisture content for PET in Melt Index Testing

Sandner – Axial extensometers

Axial extensometers from Sandner for static and fatigue Test Applications

Sandner – Extensometer for fracture mechanics

Axial Extensometers from Sandner for Fracture Mechanics Testing Applications

Sandner – Diametral extensometers

Diametral Extensometers from Sandner for static and fatigue Test Applications

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We support our customers in the development of test methods and search for suitable instrumentation.

Installation, Calibration, Maintenance

Our after-sale service starts with commissioning and continues throughout the entire life cycle.


We provide on-site instructions, software briefings, telephone support and remote maintenance. For specific topics we and our manufacturers offer seminars and customer-specific on-site training courses.


We evaluate and deliver modernisations with new components, controllers and latest generation software.


We demonstrate Instruments either in our own laboratory, at exhibitions, at other customer's labs or at the supplier's lab.

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