Servo-electric testing machines from Step Lab Engineering

Through the partnership with Step Lab, TeMeCo distributes purely electrically operated testing machines in both the static and especially the dynamic force range.

Step Lab offers a full range of solutions for the mechanical testing of products and materials. Step Lab’s technical expertise in the field of data acquisition and high-performance control is available to the customer to meet the requirements of customised tests.

Elektrodynamische, servoelektrische Prüfmaschinen von Step Lab sind für quasi-statische bis hochdynamische Angwendungen geeignet.
Step Lab - Servoelektrische Prüfmaschinen

Fatigue testing machines with electric linear motors

UD are linear drives based on linear motors for material and product testing. Suitable for force and position control experiments.

For foam sheets, components such as springs, dampers, etc.

  • Actuators with nominal loads from 0.7kN to 60kN
  • Stroke up to 100mm
  • Speed up to 2.0 m/s

Fatigue testing machines with electromechanical drives.

Fatigue testing machines with electromechanical EA drives.

EA are electromechanical, spindle-driven linear actuators for multi-purpose applications such as standard material or product testing. Especially for force/displacement measurements with high demands on resolution, accuracy and speed.

Suitable for quasi-static, but also dynamic tests.

  • Actuators up to 200kN nominal load (higher on request)
  • Stroke up to 250mm
  • Speed up to 1250mm/min

Biaxial fatigue testing machines

Fatigue testing machines with electric BV drives.

BV are rotary actuators that can be operated alone or in combination with a linear EA or UD actuator (tension-torsion).

  • Can be combined with EA and UD with maximum 50kN
  • Rated torques up to 140Nm
  • Revolutions up to 300Rpm
  • Maximum revolutions: Unlimited

Step Lab for electrical actuation test machines

Step Lab was established in 2011 as a manufacturer specialising in mechanical testing machines, producing static, dynamic, and impact mechanical testing systems.

A diverse range of standardised and customised products is available. The machines are powered by electrical actuation and are controlled by the Test Centre controller and interface software, which has undergone continuous improvement and refinement.

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