BINDER – Cycler > Climatic Chamber < Chiller

The BINDER battery test chamber is compatible with all cyclers and chillers, regardless of the manufacturer

Easy connection and reliable communication

Batteries need to be put through their paces to ensure they have what it takes to perform safely and reliably. Depending on the application and testing requirements, the following peripheral units are typically required:

  • CYCLER: Charging and discharging the battery cell
  • BINDER BATTERY TEST CHAMBER: Simulation of the general temperature conditions of the battery cell (aging, performance, and stress tests)
  • CHILLER: Direct cooling and/or heating of the battery cell

Communication and data evaluation between these units are two of the main challenges that arise in the context of an individual test environment. Various interfaces and software solutions can help with this interaction. Implementing the right software solution makes it possible to synchronize thermal and electrical profiles. In this way, large amounts of data can be evaluated, and precise results can be obtained.
The BINDER battery test chamber is compatible with all cyclers and chillers, regardless of the manufacturer.

> BINDER battery test chambers are suitable for aging, performance, and stress tests.
> The battery test chambers are compatible with additional peripheral units such as cyclers and chillers, regardless of the manufacturer.
> Comprehensive safety packages corresponding to EUCAR Hazard Levels.
> BINDER INDIVIDUAL: Battery test chambers can be adapted to specific customer requirements and equipped with additional functions.

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