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MFX 200-B long travel extensometer

The extensometer MFX is suitable for almost all samples from a measuring length of 10 mm. Due to its robust design and high accuracy, the MFX fulfils almost all requirements for the measurement of linear strains (determination of the modulus of elasticity up to specimen break).


  • Accuracy class 0.5 (EN ISO 9513)
  • Resolution max. 0.01 µm (1 Vpp) or 0.05 µm (RS422/TTL)
  • Measuring length from 10 mm
  • Automatic approach of the position and the initial measuring length
  • Automatic attachment to the sample
  • Measuring travel 200 mm minus gauge length
  • Low actuating force (max. 10 cN)
  • Can be combined with the transversal extensometer MFQ-A


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