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Measuring amplifier

GTM supplies strain gauge measuring amplifiers for high-precision measurement data acquisition from 100 to 25 ppm.

Strain gauge measuring amplifiers for multi-axis sensors enable the integration of a compensation matrix


High-precision measuring amplifier series CFA225-T

Strain gauge precision measuring amplifier for static applications
Accuracy class: 0.001 or 10 ppm
Number of measuring channels: 2 x strain gauge full bridge 180 Ω – 2 kΩ
Bridge supply voltage: 5 V/225Hz CF
Interfaces: serial RS232, USB

Measuring amplifier series ILA

Decentralised inline measuring amplifier
Interface: EtherCAT®
Measuring input: Strain gauge full bridge 80 Ω – 5 k Ω
Measuring rate: 40 kS/s
Bandwidth: 2 kHz
Accuracy class: 0.01
Power supply via Ethernet (PoE)
Distributed clocks

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