Xsight ONE

The ONE Series optical extensometers demonstrate state-of-the-art digital correlation technology. All ONE measurement systems provide accurate and precise strain measurements and integrate with the TrapeziumX-V software on Shimadzu universal testing machines.

X-Sight ONE


Ease of use and numerous software features make ONE an excellent choice for many applications, including tensile, compression, flexure, shear, torsion and fatigue testing. Shimadzu has developed a solution for easy integration of these products into the TrapeziumX-V software.


Any set of two ONE standard optical strain transducers can be converted into a 3D system using Dual Mode and the 3D DIC software module.

The simplest configuration is single mode with one camera. For larger samples, the dual and dual FoV mode with two cameras is a good choice. The former with two identical cameras and the latter with two different cameras for small initial strain and for large breaking strain. A typical application of the dual mode is ONE ROD and is used for reinforcing steels.

The Stereo-ONE configuration is also a two-camera setup, but the cameras are placed in such a way that a 3D correlation takes place. The displacement is thus recorded three-dimensionally and the rigid body movement is calculated out. This results in a highly precise strain measurement in the sample axis or the sample surface.

X-sight HT is a modified version with a telecentric camera. It is particularly suitable for applications with thermal chambers.


X-sight s.r.o. is a Czech company specialising in the development of optical extensometers and advanced optical DIC measurement systems for deformation and deflection analysis.

X-Sight ONE
X-Sight 3D ONE
X-Sight HT

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