Treasure trove for second-hand equipment

We offer second-hand equipment, components and testing machines from us, our customers or our suppliers in our treasure trove. By purchasing these items, you and we are contributing to the sustainable use of these testing machines.

Out of solidarity with our customers, we feel that we are there for the test equipment sold, even beyond the period of use at the customer’s premises. Smaller products we can store with us, bigger ones we have to leave with owners and try to organise a sale. Of course, we don’t do this for free, but try to keep up with the device with our services.


From universal testing machines to climatic chambers and sensors: Your treasure trove for second-hand equipment

The search for high-quality used products and testing machines may seem like the search for a lost treasure. But with us, these treasures become reality. We offer you the opportunity to browse through our range of second-hand items sourced from us, our valued customers and our reliable suppliers. Whether you are looking for a powerful universal testing machine, a fatigue testing machine, a climatic chamber, a precise sensor or a specific device including accessories – our treasure trove has surprises in store for you.

Maintaining value as a commitment: Our promise to you

We understand how important it is to protect the value of your investment. That’s why our commitment doesn’t end with the sale. We strive to be with you throughout your journey. Our connection with our customers goes beyond the initial phase. We firmly believe that well-maintained test systems and products can continue to bring joy to other customers after their initial period of use. That’s why we do everything we can to pass on these values and offer you long-term support.

From acquisition to disposal: Our commitment does not end with the sale

Our responsibility extends beyond the moment of sale. Because we are convinced that our testing machines should have a long and productive service life. We are committed to accompanying our customers all the way. From the initial purchase to regular maintenance and servicing, we are at your side. After all, it is only through ongoing care and support that we can ensure that these machines continue to perform optimally in the future. Some second-hand devices can be brought up to date by modernisation. Contact us and let us consult you!

Technology, value retention and sustainability in harmony

Our used testing machines in the treasure trove are not only tools of innovation, but also symbols of change. By reusing these machines, we are not only driving technological progress, but also a more conscious and responsible way of using resources. We strive to offer you sustainable products that can be used for many years and passed on and modernised as second-hand equipment when the time comes.

New devices in the treasure trove

Fortunately, there are always practically new devices that have to be removed from one of our trade partners’ warehouses for various reasons. We are very pleased to be able to offer you such unique opportunities in the treasure trove. Here, for example, you will find as-new second-hand equipment from BINDER. Occasionally, second-hand equipment such as tensile testers or micro hardness testers may also be available at Shimadzu’s European headquarters. It is always worth asking occasionally. It goes without saying that such equipment is only available for a short time.

Second-hand equipment from our suppliers

For various reasons, our suppliers sometimes have devices that are no longer needed. Sometimes a supplier reduces its stock and sometimes it is a demo, trade fair or loan device that is available at a reduced sales price. We are not always aware of such opportunities, but we can make the right enquiry and, if successful, prepare an attractive offer.

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