Torque transfer wrench

The pioneering torque transfer spanners of the Dm-TS series set new standards in their class. They are the first torque transducers specifically designed for precise feedback calibration of torque spanner calibration equipment.

In addition, they are characterised by their excellent compensation of the transverse forces occurring during torque application. This ensures outstanding accuracy and reliability in demanding applications.

Drehmoment-Transferschlüssel Dm-TS für rückführbare Kalibrierungen


The torque transfer wrenches of the Dm-TS series are used for the traceability of so-called “torque testers” which are calibrated according to DKD-R 3-8 and are used for the calibration of indicating or triggering torque spanners to the national standard. These calibration devices are used in particular for checking torque wrenches in workshops and production lines.


The torque transducers of the Dm-TS series have set standards in metrology. They fulfil the classes 0.1 and 0.2 according to DKD-R-3-7 with highest precision as well as humidity protected and temperature compensated.

Important for the daily handling when backtracing calibration stations are their easy handling and their low weight. In addition, high-quality, double-shielded measuring leads and a quality aluminium carrying case are included in the standard scope of delivery.

The reference keys of the Dm-TS series are extremely insensitive to changes in lever arm length and to transverse forces. They offer easy adaptation, standardised connection dimensions and require no additional support. This makes them ideal for the practical calibration of measuring equipment.

  • Measurement of static torques with shear force

  • Accurate calibration of torque calibration devices

  • DKD-R-3-7 classes: 0.1 and 0.2

  • Nominal torque: 2 N-m to 3 kN-m

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