Thermostatic chamber TCE-N300A for universal testing machines

Shimadzu has further developed the TCE thermal chamber for conducting tensile tests at real temperatures. Still very attractively priced, it can be equipped on a modular basis. As before, heating is electric and cooling is by means of nitrogen.

Shimadzu - TCE-N300A 300x500


For use with universal testing machines of the model series AG-X, AGS-X and AGX-V from Shimadzu, as well as for testing machines from other manufacturers.


The temperature can be set from within the TrapeziumX-V2 testing software when used with a Shimadzu universal testing machine. In addition, the temperature can be measured and recorded.

Increased temperature range from -70°C to +300°C. In only 25 minutes, -70°C or +300°C can be reached. A heated viewing glass is optionally available for the transparency of the pane at minus temperatures.

Equipped with the video extensometer option and when the temperature is restricted, the strain measurement can be made through the special front window.

Two underframes are offered for selection. A C-shaped stand with rollers that is pushed from behind the testing machine, or a stand with rails on which the chamber is pushed back and forth.

The internal dimensions of the chamber are fixed at 300mm wide, 300mm deep and 600mm, 725mm or 850mm high.

Matching orifices are supplied for different diameters of pull rods.

Matching pull rods, grips and pressure cages can be offered as standard products or according to individual customer requirements. Consulting is provided by the sales partner TeMeCo.


Shimadzu Corporation

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