STEP Lab – Dynamic testing of vibration dampers

STEP Lab develops and produces electrodynamic testing machines for a wide range of industrial applications. The areas of application are extremely versatile. Construction, automotive, sports equipment, biomechanics, connection technology and much more.

In this article we present a special testing machine developed for testing vibration absorbing dampers for safety equipment.

Prüfung von Schwingungsdämpfern

Linear actuator HUD030

HUD is a new, highly dynamic linear drive based on linear motors for material and product testing. It is suitable for tests on vibration dampers with force and displacement control.

  • Maximum frequency: 100 Hz
  • Maximum test load: 20 kN
  • Maximum test speed: 6 m/s

Other HUD drives are available for test speeds up to 8m/s, peak loads up to 80kN and static force up to 30kN. The higher peak loads achievable with the HUD series make it ideal for testing shock absorbers. In terms of dynamics, the HUD series only has to fear internal competition from the XUD series. With less moving mass, it achieves even higher acceleration values than HUD.


With its products, STEP Lab makes an important contribution to increasing the safety of people and structures by means of dynamic testing of components and products.


Tailored to your needs

A large selection of basic components, combined with the knowledge of how to assemble them into a static or dynamic testing machine that meets your requirements, that is our expertise. Tell us your specifications and we will offer you a high-quality solution. You can find more information about Step Lab products here.

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Step Lab for electrical actuation test machines

Step Lab was established in 2011 as a manufacturer specialising in mechanical testing machines, producing static, dynamic, and impact mechanical testing systems.

A diverse range of standardised and customised products is available. The machines are powered by electrical actuation and are controlled by the Test Centre controller and interface software, which has undergone continuous improvement and refinement.

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