Shimadzu – VHCF fatigue testing machine

Fatigue testing machine for the Very High Cycle Fatigue range. Shimadzu is the first and perhaps only manufacturer of commercially available fatigue testing machines for very high load cycles.

The Very High Cycle Fatigue range VHCF covers load cycle numbers from 1010 to 1013 and higher. This applies to applications such as turbines, motors, wheel sets, ultrasonic measuring heads, etc.

Shimadzu USF-2000A

Areas of application and properties

The USF-2000A test system is suitable for fatigue tests in the VHCF range. It consists of a test frame and a piezo actuator, controlled by control electronics, PC and software. It enables extremely fast load changes and provides information on the load-bearing capacity of various materials. The piezo actuator generates voltage amplitudes by means of longitudinal waves at 20 kHz. This enables measurements in the impressive range from 109 to 1010, where previous methods reached their limits.

With 10 minutes for 107 load changes, the system achieves an impressive speed, particularly important in industries such as automotive, aerospace and rail transport, where material reliability is essential for safety. The system can also be integrated into universal testing machines to test asymmetrical loads, whereby the specimen no longer vibrates freely but is clamped on both sides.

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Shimadzu is a manufacturer of highly accurate testing and measuring technologies.

The Shimadzu Corporation has been doing business based on its corporate philosophy, “Contributing to Society through Science and Technology,” since being founded almost 150 years ago.

Highly accurate testing and measuring technologies from Shimadzu is used to support product inspection and quality control processes for manufacturing in industrial fields. It helps to ensure our lives to be worry-free and safe.

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