Shimadzu – Ultrasonic Optical Flaw Detector MIV-X

Anyone can carry out a visual surface inspection quickly and easily.

Thanks to Shimadzu’s proprietary light imagining technique, which combines an ultrasonic oscillator with a stroboscope, defects near the surface of a material, including peeling of the bonding and adhesive surfaces of heterogeneous materials, as well as paint, thermal sprays, and coatings can be inspected easily and non-destructively.

General information about the MIV-X

Simply attach the ultrasonic oscillator to the sample, and position the camera above the inspection surface.
The propagation of the ultrasound is quickly displayed, and flaws are easily identified from the video.
The easy-to-operate software is enhanced with functions to mark the flaws and measure the size easily.
The lineup includes an optional optical zoom set, which can detect smaller flaws.

Important properties

  • Shimadzu’s proprietary light imagining technique
    With ultrasonic optical flaw detection technology, the sample is encouraged the displacement of the surface is detected optically, and the propagation of the ultrasonic wave on the surface is observed.

    The sample is subjected to continuous ultrasonic vibrations.
    The microscopic displacement of the surface outside the plane, which is due to the propagation of the ultrasonic wave, is visualised optically with the aid of laser radiation and a camera*.
    Defects are detected by observing disturbances in the propagation of the ultrasonic wave.
    *The light image technology developed by Shimadzu combines speckle-shearing interferometry via ultrasonic vibrations with a stroboscopic technique.

    (Patented in Japan, China and the USA)

  • Difference to ultrasonic flaw detection
    The MIV-X optical ultrasonic testing device helps in areas where ultrasonic testing (UT) is difficult. Leave the non-destructive testing of surfaces and near-surface areas to the MIV-X!
  • Noise suppression function simplifies error identification
    The device is equipped with a function that digitally removes the noise in the window that indicates the propagation of the ultrasound, thus simplifying fault detection.
  • Dimension display and marking functions simplify the identification of the position and size of the defect
    The device is equipped with a user interface that simplifies workflows, such as displaying a scale (ruler) on the captured images of cracks and spalling and measuring the distance between two selected points.
  • Optical zoom set (optionally available) for the detection of smaller defects
    Reduces the minimum detection size by a factor of around two (MIV-X standard: from around 1 mm diameter to 0.5 mm diameter)
    The optical axis of the laser can also be adjusted, which improves the uniformity of the irradiation.

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Shimadzu is a manufacturer of highly accurate testing and measuring technologies.

The Shimadzu Corporation has been doing business based on its corporate philosophy, “Contributing to Society through Science and Technology,” since being founded almost 150 years ago.

Highly accurate testing and measuring technologies from Shimadzu is used to support product inspection and quality control processes for manufacturing in industrial fields. It helps to ensure our lives to be worry-free and safe.

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