S-type force sensors in engineering

Interfaceforce produces force sensors for mechanical engineering. Engineering customers will find the right transducer and electronics here.


The S-shaped transducer types have very good properties and are inexpensive and versatile.

  • Suitable for tensile and compressive forces
  • Available in versions from minimum forces up to 50kN
  • For both static and fatigue applications
  • Small size and also in miniature version
  • For testing machines and other test applications.
  • Low non-linearity
  • Low hysteresis


  • Industrial chain hoists and patient lifts
  • Parcel delivery by drone
  • Material testing machines
  • Robotic feedback for surgical instruments
  • Sensing arm force measurement


Super mini force sensors from the SM series in S (or Z) shape

  • High-precision force transducer
  • Measuring ranges from 50N to 5000N
  • Linearity: +/- 0.03% of nominal value
  • Favourable price

Force transducer model SMT1 and SMT2

  • Measuring ranges from 5 N to 2000 N
  • for tensile and compressive forces
  • Up to 1000% overload protection
  • Protected in tension and compression

SSM & SSM2 series force transducers robust S-shape

  • Measuring ranges up to 50kN
  • Durable versions available
  • Working range -50 to +160°C possible
  • Intrinsically safe/EX/ATEX/ versions possible.

Durable S-shaped force transducer from the SSMF series

  • Measuring ranges up to 10kN
  • Durable up to at least 10 million load cycles
  • for tensile and compressive forces
  • Temperature compensated -15…+65°C

SML force sensor series in a very flat design

  • Compact, slim and flat
  • Many measuring ranges up to 9000 N
  • Up to 800% overload protection
  • for tensile and compressive forces

Micro S-shape force transducer SMTM

  • Subminiature force sensor
  • High overload protection
  • Measuring ranges: 0…20/100/200N
  • Larger measuring ranges possible on request.

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interfaceforce® - Sensors and Measurement Technology for Force - Pressure - Torque

Interfaceforce® e.K. is one of the leading companies in force and torque measurement technology. It stands for a consistent culture of innovation based on a special understanding of classic values such as quality, precision and reliability, but also flexibility. The key markets are test machines, medical technology, automation technology, assembly technology, filling and packaging technology as well as weighing technology.

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