Modernisation of testing machines

Our strength: customer service and support on site. After the sale of testing machines, we remain in regular contact with the customer, preferably via a maintenance contract, archive the most important data on the testing machine and provide information on possible updates and modernisations.

After the distribution of testing machines, we remain in regular contact with the customer and document the most important information for later modernisation.

Modernisierung, Modernisation

Melt index testers

Melt index testers from Göttfert are the most widely used MFI testers in Switzerland. The same applies to the capillary rheometers. This high market presence in rheological testing technology is due to the high quality standard of the testing equipment and the permanent market presence. The oldest devices, some of which are still in use after more than 30 years, remain “offline”, i.e. they have no need for modernisation. Due to the large number of units, there is still a limited reserve of spare parts.

Digitised devices use electronic components and LCD touch panels. The software used so far has mostly been MFR-Host or MFR-View. The modernisation of these units is done using a new touch panel and the latest miConnect software. miCONNECT is a browser-based platform that can be used on mobile devices without installation. The user is able to manage and check the parameterisation and control of the entire measurement process, as well as the graphic display and evaluation of the measurement results in one interface.

Universal testing machines

Whether old Schenck universal testing machines or universal testing machines from other manufacturers, for most electromechanical testing machines we have an option for modernisation with a new motor, power unit, controller and software so that the testing machine is once again state of the art and can continue to operate for many years.

Often the compulsion to modernise a universal testing machine lies in the progress of computer technology and communication with the testing machine. Occasionally, however, we can offer customers a “workaround” due to our creativity and machine knowledge. This can be, for example, a suitable power supply from another manufacturer, an external measuring amplifier, or a software emulation of the old software on a new PC.

Which components can continue to be used is also partly a matter of judgement. Motors and power units have recently dropped in price and are often routinely replaced. Long-travel extensometers, on the other hand, are sometimes designed by the manufacturers in such a way that external companies cannot control and read them. A replacement is mandatory in such a case. TeMeCo suggests extensometers from independent and specialised manufacturers in such cases.

As part of our maintenance operations, we have updated the software of many Shimadzu universal testing machines with the latest version of Trapezium-X free of charge. Now Shimadzu has also developed a new version of Trapezium, the TrapeziumX-V, with the new AGX-V machine generation. At first glance, apart from the anthracite appearance, there is not much difference. In the background, however, the new generation opens up the integration of video signals, communication with long-arm extensometers from other manufacturers or the control of the TCE thermochamber. This software update, which is subject to a charge, is Windows 11 compatible and is now also available for testing machines of the AG-X, AGS-X and EZ-X model series. Subsequent updates of the software will again be installed free of charge as part of a service call.

Fatigue testing machines

The modernisation of fatigue testing machines and systems has always been a core business of TeMeCo Services AG. It is not for nothing that customers remain loyal to us for decades. Most of the systems we look after are hydraulically operated. More recently, however, servo-electric systems have also been added.

The core element in modernisation is usually the controller. Other components such as servo valves, hoses, oil and seals are of course also checked and replaced if necessary as part of the maintenance, but the controller together with the PC and the software are replaced.

As a replacement, we recommend the controllers from Inova, Doli or Shimadzu in the field of fatigue testing machines. The latter is very attractive in price and operation. The LCD touch panel display allows a test stand to be operated without software, just by operating the unit. This is often sufficient for fatigue tests with monotonous loads. Nevertheless, operation is possible via the Gluon software. Gluon has different modules for fatigue testing, static testing, block programming, frequency sweeps and resonance frequency testing and for fracture mechanics testing.

Heating and climatic chambers:

In the case of heating and climatic chambers, modernisations are not very common for cost reasons. However, with the new APT-COMTM 4 software, BINDER offers the possibility of reading more data from existing chambers and writing programmes for climate tests. With the simplest version “BASIC” of the new APT-COM4, up to 5 units can be managed. Since actual modernisations, for example with a new controller, are not very common, regular maintenance is all the more recommended, especially for climate control cabinets with cold and humidity.

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