MF – Extensometers

MF - Extensometers

The MF GmbH is a powerful company that has been constructing and producing high-class fine-mechanical extensometers and as well calibration devices for their check-up for more than 30 years. These measuring devices are basically used to record values of the strain respectively the compression at tensile and compression tests.


MF – MFX Long stroke extensometer

MFX 200-B Long stroke extensometer


MFQ-R and MFQ-H transverse clip-on extensometer and MFQ-A automated transverse extensometer


Measured value acquisition at compression direction
MFA 20

MFA 20

Hand-clamped extensometer, suitable for yield point determination and deformation measurement of test samples above 4 mm diameter and 15 mm width
Mini MFA 2

MF – Mini MFA 2

Filigree and light low elongation extensometer with high accuracy for static applications.

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