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Sample preparation starts with cutting and good cutting means a good start. Selecting the right cut-off wheel ensures freedom from burn and distortion and is the best way to save time and consumables. Correct cutting produce specimens which are in perfect condition for the next preparation steps.

Sample preparation instruments


Metkon – Spectroscopy – Grinding

Grinding Instruments and Consumables for Spectrography Samples
Grinding / Polishing

Metkon – Petrography – Grinding – FORCIPOL-TS

Grinding Instruments and Consumables.

Metkon – Petrography – Cutting

Cutting Instruments and Consumables for Petrographic Analysis.
Grinding / Polishing

Metkon – Metallography Grinding Polishing

Grinding Instruments and Consumables.

Metkon – Metallography Mounting

Mounting Instruments and Consumables.

Metkon – Metallography – Cutting

Cutting Instruments and Consumables for Metallographic Analysis.

Accessories and Consumables


Metkon – Consumables

Consumables for cutting, grinding and mounting of samples

Our Products and Services


We are easy to reach, get back to our customers quickly, and make offers promptly. Due to minimal overhead costs, we always look to offer attractive terms.


We support our customers in the development of test methods and search for suitable instrumentation.

Installation, Calibration, Maintenance

Our after-sale service starts with commissioning and continues throughout the entire life cycle.


We provide on-site instructions, software briefings, telephone support and remote maintenance. For specific topics we and our manufacturers offer seminars and customer-specific on-site training courses.


We evaluate and deliver modernisations with new components, controllers and latest generation software.


We demonstrate Instruments either in our own laboratory, at exhibitions, at other customer's labs or at the supplier's lab.

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