Knowledge – Rheology

Knowledge - Rheology

On this page we offer information on rheological topics in the field of polymers and elastomers.



Knowledge – Rheology – Corrections with the rheometer

Corrections to get true Shear Rate and Shear Stress.

Knowledge – Rheology – MFI – Moisture

Influence of Moisture content for PET in Melt Index Testing

Melt Flow Rate

The melt index (melt flow rate) is an important measure of how easily the melt of a thermoplastic polymer flows through a capillary. It is used for quality control and as a simple estimate of the flow behaviour in production.

Intrinsic viscosity

With the method described, the intrinsic viscosity (IV) is determined via correlation, without chemical solvents.



Knowledge – Rheology – Large amplitude oscillatory shear

Large Amplitude Oscillatory Shear. Expanded ability to characterize polymers and polymer mixtures with FFT delivers high selectivity.



GÖTTFERT – Extensional rheometer

When characterising polymer materials in blow moulding, thermoforming, calendering, coating and spin processes, an extensional rheometer such as the RHEOTENS or HAUL-OFF from GÖTTFERT provides important information.
Online Rheo

GÖTTFERT – Online rheometers

Online-Rheometers from GÖTTFERT for realtime process information on the rheological and molecular structure of polymers.

GÖTTFERT – Laboratory extruder

Laboratory Extruders from GÖTTFERT- an open Platform for rheological Online Analysis.

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