Knowledge – Rheology

Knowledge Base - Rheology

On this page we offer information about polymer and elastomer rheological topics.



Melt flow index testing

Melt flow index testing. Measuring the mass of polymer that passes through a specific capillary in ten minutes, under controlled pressure and temperature.

Knowledge – Rheology – Corrections with the Rheometer

Corrections to get true Shear Rate and Shear Stress.

Knowledge – Rheology – MFI – Moisture

Influence of Moisture content for PET in Melt Index Testing



Knowledge – Rheology – Large Amplitude Oscillatory Shear

Large Amplitude Oscillatory Shear. Expanded ability to characterize polymers and polymer mixtures with FFT delivers high selectivity.

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GÖTTFERT – Melt Flow Indexers

Melt flow indexers mi2, MI-3, mi40 and Mi-Robo from GÖTTFERT are meeting the highest customer expectations.
Online Rheo

GÖTTFERT – Online Rheometer

Online-Rheometers from GÖTTFERT for realtime process information on the rheological and molecular structure of polymers.

GÖTTFERT – Laboratory Extruders

Laboratory Extruders from GÖTTFERT- an open Platform for rheological Online Analysis.

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