GÖTTFERT – New melt index tester mi1

The new mi1 is a very compact melt index tester. It convinces with highest measuring accuracy using high quality measurement relevant components.

The compact, space-saving design enables cost-effective incoming goods and quality control of plastics in accordance with ISO1133 and ASTM D1238.


General information about the melt index tester

The new mi1 from GÖTTFERT is a compact tabletop device with minimal automation and maximum precision. It is an ideal device if you perform occasional measurements with low test force. You don’t have to do without the familiar precision of a mi2.

The precisely controlled two-zone heating, the high-quality channel and piston, the high-precision timer, as well as the precise piston stroke measurement are standard equipment. Options such as a cutter and die plug are also available for the mi1. This makes the unit suitable for both MVR and MFR measurements.

With the optional die plug, measurements on low-viscosity materials are also possible without any problems.

Ideal for incoming goods inspection, the device is operated via the new multifunctional key and via VCR, by mirroring the operating panel on your Windows PC. Using the mi1 together with a precision scale allows you to determine the melt density relevant to production.

Intelligent service monitoring and regular, periodic on-site maintenance ensure a high life expectancy and long value retention of the unit.

Important properties

  • MFR and MVR measurement according to ISO1133 and ASTM D1238 method A B C
  • Determination of the melt density
  • High resolution displacement transducer 0.003 mm/pulse
  • Operation of the measurement via a single multifunction button
  • Display of the parameter menu and the measurement results via VNC on different PCs possible

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