Epsilon – Extensometers

Epsilon - Extensometers

Over forty years of experience have gone into the development of Epsilon products. Located in Jackson, Wyoming, Epsilon Tech designs and builds extensometers for testing around the world.

There are models for tiny and delicate samples, including relatively fine wire, up to massive metal samples and large rock cores.



Epsilon – Rock, Concrete and Asphalt

Rock, Concrete and Asphalt Extensometers

Epsilon – Fracture Mechanics

Fracture Mechanics Clip-On Gages

Epsilon – Transverse and Diametral Extensometers

Transversal, diametral, averaging and combined Extensometers

Epsilon – Deflection Gages

Deflection Gages with magnetic base

Epsilon – Non-Contact

Noncontact extensometers based on video or laser technology.

Epsilon – High Temperature Axial

High temperature Extensometer for small and large Strain at Temperatures up to 1600°C

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