DuPont uses Shimadzu servo pulser

Shimadzu servo-hydraulic fatigue testing machines are easy to operate and provide reliable data. Often used in building materials laboratories, they are equally used in materials and component testing laboratories.

Photo curtesy of DuPont

Powerful new servo pulser for materials testing at DuPont Speciality EM

DuPont Specialty EM

Specialty EM Switzerland GmbH is a subsidiary of DuPont de Nemours, Inc. Speciality EM is active in the automotive segment. The research center in Freienbach is equipped with R&D and analytical laboratories, application and scale-up facilities to cover all development activities from prepolymer design, synthesis and characterization, adhesive mixing.

DuPont Speciality EM tests automotive materials with a new Shimadzu EHF-L servo pulser with 10kN nominal load and +/-25mm travel. The hydraulic unit with adjustable flow rate up to 20 l/min provides the required hydraulic power. The controller is linked to a PC with a user friendly software. That makes it easier to program extensive loading sequences and it allows to store raw data of important testing sequencies.
Especially in the automotive sector, the tests are required at simulated winter and summer temperatures. For this purpose, an alternating temperature chamber was added to the machine.

EHF hydraulic servo pulsers made by Shimadzu

EHF-L is a table top servo pulser for fatigue and endurance testing of various materials and small parts. It is equipped with a servo hydraulic actuator mounted on top of the cross head. Models with nominal loading capacity of 5kN, 10kN or 20kN and with ±25mm or ±50mm stroke are available. Power pack, piping, actuator and servo valve are coordinated with each other. The controller comes with a color touch screen that allows it to run tests without the need of a PC. Linking the controller to a PC with a user friendly software turns it easier for the operator to program test parameters and evaluate test results.

EHF-L is the adequate servo pulser as floor standing model with a bottom mounted actuator. It is available with 50kN, 100kN or 200kN nominal loading capacity. Again, the stroke is ±25mm or ±50mm.

EHF-U is designed for full-scale fatigue and endurance testing of structural materials and large samples. It comes with a T-slot plate and a top mounted actuator. Models with 50kN, 100kN or 200kN nominal load and ±25mm or ±50mm stroke are available.

After sale services from TeMeCo

Installation, training, maintenance and calibration are delivered by TeMeCo Services. This includes first and second level support. SCS-calibrations according ISO 17025 are available and supplied by neutral Swiss service providers. In case of questions, TeMeCo Services is easy to reach. This makes the testing highly competitive, safe and attractive.

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